Bell Bottom Blues by Derek and the Dominoes

“Reminds me of #endless #summers on #porches with #hooch, #pacific #northwest style.”

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Reminds me of #endless #summers on #porches with #hooch, #pacific #northwest style.

sarasauruscats 18 Feb 2014

Damn hippies and their love songs lol.

situationjones 8 Sep 2014

Gonna miss, and the people I met here who introduced me to great music!   1

tracilawson 24 Aug 2015

hey! you guys! I'm really bad with women. It's terrible and I'm sad. Just sayin' :(   14

terence 13 Dec 2013

This works for me . . .   1

jbturner 26 Jun 2013

This was the B-side to 'Layla' in the UK, in the days when it was still worth turning the record over   4

GrahamDJohns 18 Jun 2015