I Wanna Make It Wit Chu by Desert Sessions

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Here's your Valentine song.   1

inthefade 15 Feb 2013

My subconscious is really into throwing up tunes from circa 2002-03 right now. #wokeupanditwasthere #couldstillbethelast   2

Charlotta 30 Aug 2015

I always begin here. Homme, Ween, PJ, Lanegan, all wrapped up in one big bundle of oneness.

burningfp 17 Oct 2011

PJ Harvey and Josh Homme   1

LayneInChains 22 May 2014

Harvey - Homme

fuijueves 22 Jan 2015

A much better, less polished version than Josh later did with Queens of the Stone Age.

50n0f508 28 Aug 2014