I Wanna Make It Wit Chu by Desert Sessions

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Here's your Valentine song.   1

inthefade 15 Feb 2013

I always begin here. Homme, Ween, PJ, Lanegan, all wrapped up in one big bundle of oneness.

burningfp 17 Oct 2011

My subconscious is really into throwing up tunes from circa 2002-03 right now. #wokeupanditwasthere #couldstillbethelast   2

Charlotta 30 Aug 2015

Business hours are open, baby.

patrickhprenti 24 Aug 2012

Harvey - Homme

fuijueves 22 Jan 2015

A much better, less polished version than Josh later did with Queens of the Stone Age.

50n0f508 28 Aug 2014