Chinatown by Destroyer


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This song is too perfect. Get all emotional listening to it anaw.

themutante 7 May 2014

"The wind and the rain, to your detriment, you try to explain." ("Chinatown" by Destroyer is my new jam.)

TheTravisW 11 Jul 2012

I have a lot of favorite songs from this album, but I always seem to come back to this one in particular.   2

ninjalovechild 20 Jun 2015

Officially my favourite album and gig of the year. 2011, the year of Dan Bejar!

Shoebox1976uk 5 Dec 2011

The lead-off tune on a very well produced album from 2011. The music sounds like it came from the late 70s/early 80s, with Dan Bejar's smart and sometimes snarky lyrics. After jamming the very tightly produced "Tinseltown in the Rain" from The Blue Nile, it reminded me of this album.   3

kfarrnd 18 Jun 2014