Little Arithmetics by dEUS

“I'm hoping that you can explain little arithmetics...”

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I'm hoping that you can explain little arithmetics...

frankandfloyd 11 Dec 2014

I got this song on a mixtape in 1995 from my friend Henrik, who passed away one month ago. Miss you, my friend

slivkadesign 13 Nov 2011

Can't wait to see them @Latitudefest. Joined Instagram to snap Tom Barman

seaninsound 11 Jul 2012

from a Violent Femmes Jam by @MotherFist, I thought I'd start #mathsweek (or #mathweek if you will)... as it's been a while since I've done a hashtag week...   2

bignonioides 27 Sep 2014

90s flashback. dEUS are one of only three Belgian bands I can name... but at least all three are great.   9

cjlines 21 Oct 2012

Running through my head today for no apparent reason.

zenithed 24 Jan 2013