(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by Devo

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kfw 4 Oct 2014

The Rolling Stones recorded '(I Can't Get No), Satisfaction' 49 years ago today....but I'm still partial to this version.   1

jrasmussen 13 May 2014

Devo got the rights to the song by telling Mick Jagger he could make a shitload of money. We are Devo!

ohmyyes 15 Feb 2012

RIP Alan Myers   3

thefamilyghost 28 Jun 2013

Love this video!!...I remember seeing this band live once, dressed exactly as you see them here, when one of the guitarists slowly walked to the back of the stage, turned & ran as FAST as he could before making an almighty leap into the audience FEET FIRST! ( a little like the way @jackietheripper used to in his days with 'Meat Hoop')...while STILL playing his guitar!...No fuss made over health & safety in those days! .....Now, despite the band flirting with the UK charts with this song, I still feel that this is a pretty 'freaky' performance ( & the video, too)..do you agree?....and this has given me inspiration for a new theme. So, from my next jam, the theme will be #FREAKOUT!!....got a couple of killer ideas already. Be prepared, not for the faint-hearted!   30

debutch 20 Jan 2015

A little De-evolution for a Sunday.

eeeThree_ed 14 Jun 2015