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but kierongillen was first  

one of Dexys' finest, and yet an obscure non-album 7" single - love it

southcoasting 2 Mar 2013

R is for Kevin Rowland - I just love his voice - and it really irritates me that I never got around to seeing Dexy's play. So many songs to choose from - but the way this starts is gorgeous . . .   19

lindatee 13 Dec 2014

Some days you draw a line in the sand. On others you notice the tide has washed it away. Then you redraw it.   1

kierongillen 13 Feb 2012

Hello Monday ! - There is something all kinds of wonderful about Kevin Rowland   11

lindatee 28 Jul 2014

You've always been searching for something... #wsagjukebox. Play it loud.

wsagfanzine 13 Jun 2013

The original single, before the strings and dungarees.

johnqvd 9 Apr 2015