This is What She's Like by Dexys Midnight Runners


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From the greatest Dexys album, "Don't Stand Me Down".   2

invernessred 30 Dec 2013

Off to Aus for a bit so to keep you going - "Well, you know the kind of people that put creases in their old Levi's......"

JamieOPR 19 Mar 2014

difficult/incomprehensible/pretentious karaoke life goal   1

abbashelicopter 11 Jul 2015

Rambling preamble leading into one of Dexy's best tracks. Surprising amount of class hatred in its romance.   6

GriddleOctopus 12 Feb 2012

The full 12+ minutes of this Dexys classic.

tomkagni 25 Jan 2014