Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant by Diamond Rugs


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I know this is a little unseasonal, but I'm off to the snowy Austrian Alps tomorrow and this seemed quite fun - in a very slit-your-wrists non-cheerful way :-) "I ate Chinese food on Christmas day you kicked me out cause I told the kids that Santa's sleigh did not exist I was drunk and you got pissed but anyway.... have a very Merry Christmas Is it worth it now to walk on back? I've walked on by a dozen times and that's no lie my lips are chapped my nose is red my tears are ice but anyway.... Feliz Navidad and all that. - I'm walking through the town square singing Christmas carols to myself It's so lonely and it's cold and i cannot feel my toes but it feels more like i'm burnin' in hell Hows the turkey hows the ham I can't finish my Moo goo gai pan but that's not all they cut me off from alcohol but anyways ... you go on and deck the halls"   12

BarneyRubble 6 Feb 2015

Feliz Navidad and all that…

HI54LOFI 23 Dec 2014

Last year. This year. Every year.

GasparLewis 25 Dec 2012