The Boss by Diana Ross

“Diana killin' it”

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Diana killin' it   1

specialdelivery 20 Jan 2015

"I have tried but I don't fit into this box you call a gift. When I could be wild and free but god forbid, then you might envy me…"

core013 16 Nov 2014

Just when you think this has it all, you hit 3:14. Never fails to cheer me up. Qui c'est le patron, indeed.

Lorraine 20 Jan 2013

Overshadowed now by her Chic Organisation stuff but this is great - half rueful, half imperious DISCO

tomewing 29 Jan 2013

Damien back to his favourite tricks - aching lyrics, delicate guitar, swooning melodies and swirling strings. This is actually a cover by Diego Amado Farfan, because I can't embed Damien's versions - but Diego totally does it justice - isn't the internet a wonderful thing!

Errorplane 8 Jan 2015