Easy to Be Around by Diane Cluck

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This one goes out to @angelicajaffe missing you like CRAZY   3

JBoxer 8 Jul 2013

Just yes, simply beautiful! Loving that weird harmony thing she does...

libraryofbabel 16 Apr 2012

I think this is probably the only CD album I still own. I just couldn't throw anyway the gorgeous handmade case

clbaldwin 4 Dec 2014

Gonna jam a bit while I still can.   1

johannakoll 26 Aug 2015

comin' up from the mine shaft sparkling bright see me laughing having nothing in an infinite night   1

fearson 9 Jul 2013

Diane Cluck's "Easy to Be Around" is brilliant and you should listen to it all the time loud.

schmutzie 2 Apr 2013