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but conoraltier was first  

never thought you'd go so far / but you're really gone and it's been so long / i never really think about it

c8h16o2 15 Dec 2014

Countdown: De Duizelende Duizend (The Staggering Thousand) Number 527. [from album: Oshin] [year: 2012]

RW104 19 May 2015

These guys were incredible last week in Birmingham. The new tracks sounded even better on second listen - roll on the new album later in the year.   4

BelloDiNotte 15 Jun 2015


kisenikoo 3 Jan 2015

act like it stops and starts/a gesture here and there for me is one thing but i felt it every time you blew it

zawamaster 12 Aug 2014

Discovered these last week. Pretty cool...   1

hindle4 9 Jul 2012