Thirteen Thirtyfive by Dillon

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but uvmann was first  

Love Dillon's voice, unique, raspy. The songs lyrics are anyones guess. Some people say a child she lost (she would be 35 and he would be 13) , a forbidden relationship, or abuse, only Dillon knows! '#GermanWeek'   4

christineb 21 May 2013

#TripleJamSunday Gen. #3: First this:, then this:, and now this. Let's all go running with a heart on fire...   7

thisismymistake 2 Feb 2014

my sister introduced this to me the other day and it is like the love of my life ATM

angels_banda 28 Mar 2014

Reminds me of Lykke Li

nobody 12 Jul 2012

you turn my legs into spaghetti   13

cherrybomb 14 Dec 2013

Dillon samples Jens Lekman samples Beat Happening. All very meta.

aron 13 Mar 2013