Freak Scene by Dinosaur Jr.

“When I need a friend, it's still you”

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When I need a friend, it's still you

nelliejean 27 Apr 2015

'Bug' was 25 years old yesterday! This song brings back such great memories :)   16

abigail.deeks 1 Nov 2013

... 'cause when I need an friend it's still you   16

abigail.deeks 25 Sep 2015

Another ageing milestone. It's 25 years since Bug came out. Enough to send you grey.......   7

adrian4acn 1 Nov 2013

Will always be in my top ten best ever. Amazing. #DinosaurJr   1

rickyshitpants 11 Jan 2015

because guitars, that's why

ieatpants 13 May 2013