In a Jar by Dinosaur Jr.

“Happy 30th to one of my all time favorite bands. Enjoy.”

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Happy 30th to one of my all time favorite bands. Enjoy.

wizzard 25 Aug 2015

Got to see them live in Baltimore in '94 and in PDX in 2011. The first time I saw them, J Mascis played the whole show with his hair completely covering his face. It was a relatively small club, and they were loud enough for an outdoor festival. It was a complete wall of sound that shook your bones. Some guy puked on my shoes too.   3

DKeithDobsonJr 27 Jul 2013

In a jar the scars are plain to see.

DrewNecci 3 Mar 2014

Love how the bass is just so dominant and seems like the most important instrument in this song.   2

ohughes86 30 Sep 2012

My favourite song about scabs.

Skull_Full 2 May 2013