The Wagon by Dinosaur Jr.

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J Mascis in the days before he looked like he lives under a rock in your garden (and drinks from your ornamental bird-bath). Proof that guitar solos are bad for you, kids.   1

ennacooper 28 Mar 2014

Glastonbury jam 4: it is Summer after all.   2

AJDJ 25 Jun 2013

Reminds me of good times.

your_moms_box 20 May 2014

I could listen to this album 100s of times and not get sick of it.   1

fladriss 8 Sep 2014

Reminded by J Mascis's cameo in The Double how much I love 'The Wagon' by Dinosaur Jr.

dickon_edwards 25 Apr 2014

This song/album was with me for a few years almost non-stop. Senior year at Riverdale High (1992) into the first year i traveled up to Iowa to go to college (1994). I will always love this band.

wizzard 23 Jun 2013