Sultans Of Swing by Dire Straits

“Still my favourite song of theirs..”

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Still my favourite song of theirs..   9

hussamkwai 14 Apr 2014

face melting guitar solo

pattyg 19 Aug 2015

I really wanted to post the Alchemy version but, you know, access restrictions. Still, the Live Aid version isn't too shabby.   9

pjcj 27 Jun 2014

One of the best guitar riffs ever   2

bootleian 26 May 2015

Coming in out of the rain...   4

lah_ann 4 Aug 2015

I remember when this album came out. It completely bowled me over. Altough I never became an ardent Dire Straits fan, I will always cherish that moment of pure bliss when I heard Sultans of Swing for the first time. (Dutch Classics can, as always, be found at @dutchzaphod   27

dutchbeeblebrox 24 May 2014