Stillness Is the Move by Dirty Projectors

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but Cennydd was first  

thanks @pez :) this deserves the rejam.

Asteroid 23 Mar 2015

One focused step forward will get you further than 100 unfocused steps.

portaljams 19 Nov 2014

Crowd pleaser.   1

Cennydd 27 Dec 2011

The location is Equinox Mountain in the U.S. state of Vermont. The four-legged guests are Siberian Huskies and a llama.   4

Sylvestrian 12 Jan 2014

#lookingback This was the song that brought me to TIMJ. Somebody posted on Twitter that this was his new jam. That was my first meeting with Dirty Projecters as well as TIMJ. I liked both.   1

mvergouwen 21 Aug 2015