Adventure by Disasterpeace


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stunning soundtrack by @disasterpeace for @polytron's #FEZ

safesolvent 19 Apr 2012

From the soundtrack to the video game Fez (2012)   2

gingerbeardman 16 Apr 2012

This is good! its from the game Fez!

disappointment 18 Apr 2014

Hands down, Fez has my favorite game soundtrack ever. Perfect spring and summer music even without the game.

Mattaconda 10 May 2014

Because it's the soundtrack i would have to my life if I could. when all else is gone, without money or success, the adventure still remains.

seiibutsu 14 Sep 2015

From the impossibly atmospheric soundtrack to the improbably multi-layered FEZ [].

gra 10 Dec 2013