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One of the better tracks from one of the best games of 2012. If you've got an XBox, check out Fez.

dsaos 24 Apr 2012

Some Flow for your Tuesday.

y2jenn 2 Jul 2013

Nervous and anxious today for some reason. This is one of the songs putting me a bit at ease:

vincent404 21 Nov 2014

Something a little different this time. As much as I play games, I very rarely ever find the soundtracks worth listening to outside of the game. FEZ's soundtrack is the exception to that rule. Wonderfully atmospheric. A perfect blend of bleeps and bloops with actual instrumentation. "Flow" is perhaps my favorite track - instantly making me think of rain on a spring day, and balancing the actual with the artificial.

boredJonathan 1 Jul 2013

FEZ Soundtrack.

_andrio 16 May 2012


randyzero 13 Sep 2013