It's a Kid's World by Disco Inferno


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As a musician whose career is designed around the art of sampling (as most all musicians do these days), it's difficult to really take a sample and make it your own in the context of artistic integrity. Public Enemy's legendary single "Fight the Power"samples a total of nineteen songs, including lyrical inspiration. Artists like Girl Talk can make a song work based on twisting preconceived notions and genres. However, it takes a rare breed to take a previous piece and perfect it. Not in a overarching sense, but in a genre specific. Disco Inferno's "It's a Kid's World" does this in spades. The song, which highlights the bombastic victory of a British childhood, utilizes three choice samples to tell their story. Their drum sample of Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life" is one of the finest drum samplings I have ever heard because of the downtempo vibe. Pair it with two children's saccharine TV themes from the 80's and pure magic is born. Why this band and song isn't talked about more is beyond me.

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Go to bed, as it gets light..

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An unhappy child

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