I Luv U by Dizzee Rascal

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Oh well.

charlotteyoung 7 May 2014

Oldskool   1

katriene 4 Jun 2012

A happier time, before Dizzee was rapping about lads holidays and perma-tanned lasses.

coinoperatedboy 14 May 2012

When is the big grime comeback happening?

joe_innit 8 Apr 2014

I just read a book about early Dizzee Rascal (written up here http://wokeuplate.tumblr.com/post/57156275755/stand-up-tall-dizzee-rascal-and-the-birth-of-grime-by) and so I've had this stuck in my head today.

kotgb 2 Aug 2013

Yeah bruv, it's valentines, innit?

Abstardeluxe 14 Feb 2013