It's Fun to Smoke Dust by DJ Lobsterdust


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I'm super late to the mashup party, but I think it's because none of the ones I'd heard before were as good as this one. 80s Satanic paranoia is a pet topic of mine.

elkrafto 1 Mar 2015

DAMIEN, THE OMEN, 'cos you're THE DEVILS and THE DEMONS and you know that. Your music 'Rock n' Roll' is a SATANIC... is a SATANIC music... and they know that... where they say turn it on and make the music go back and you hear SATAN speaking.Today's message is A SOLEMN WARNING  to all young people who listen to Rock n' Roll and Heavy Metal music. Satan knows he only has a short time to DECEIVE the earth, so is using MUSIC as his anti-Christ message to DECIEVE the masses. I'm finally beginning a unravel a BIZARRE and FIENDISH plot designed by Satan's anti-Christ system to CORRUPT, PERVERT, And ultimately ENSLAVE the youth of this generation. All Rock music is DANGEROUS. I want you to tell you that today; even the more mellow stuff that doesn't sound like it has anything in it could be DECEPTIVE or also MISLEADING. I started asking God "Can you show me how he's doing it?" I wanted to have proof positive. Now Queen have a song called "Another One Bites the Dust'   27

An_Irish_Brit 20 Dec 2014

I always imagine this as a parody with Weird Al playing the pastor, except I remember when people actually did look for backward masked messages from Satan in "rock music".   1

immlass 18 Jan 2014

If you grew up in the South in the 1980's, you remember the moral panic of subliminal satanic lyrics in rock music. This very excellent mashup reminds us of that time--And, come on, QUEEN VS SATAN. I know which side I'm on.   2

astrangerhaven 29 May 2015

You make the music go black, you hear Satan speaking.

Kymberlie 1 Jan 2014

Awesome mashup.

unslugged 13 Apr 2012