Blood On The Motorway by DJ Shadow

“Repetition can be impressive, soothing and fantastic.”

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Repetition can be impressive, soothing and fantastic.

spittinggames 24 Dec 2013

Hard to believe this is 13 years old. Looking forward to the Renegades of Rhythm tour and the sounds of Afrika Bambaataa

richardsedley 30 Jan 2015

Several hours into a trail run and you are feeling like your limbs are on fire. Then this song kicks in... #soul #soullondon #ultrahipster

elreydelchili 10 Feb 2014

Probably the most important lesson/song you might have never heard before. 5 mins zone in to this song and just appreciate it.

king102uk 6 Jun 2013

This tune's giving goosebumps. Listen & analyse meaning if you wish, people are divided! DJ Shadow: Blood on the motorway   1

PaulGroom 30 Jul 2013

Love that slow build up.

Dosman 18 Apr 2015