Midnight In A Perfect World by DJ Shadow

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but nmochau was first  

Just had to.

jonathanapples 21 May 2012

*dusts off the record* says: "it's been a while".   1

tobiassvn 16 Jun 2015

classic   3

arthurcdoran 14 Jun 2013

The one I'd rather hear.

jeremybanana 15 Jan 2014

because last Friday, somebody asked what my Eternal Jam was, and I told them. "Can you sing it?" they said. Not really. Doesn't stop me adoring it.   1

infovore 12 Sep 2013

it's been another Trip Hop week here at the Clift house with a dash of instrumental hip hop thrown in for good measure. Now I know most people think Dilla is the be all end all of turntrablizm, but in my mind Shadow will always be without parallel

justjoe 27 Jun 2015