Turn Down for What by DJ Snake & Lil Jon

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Unfortunately TIMJ won't let me share the video to this song and the video is half the fun. This week's jam is an homage to my Friday night which was spent drinking wine on @virallode's sofa 'til 4am listening to a whole lotta Trap

trixibelle 9 Nov 2014

The beat is legendary and makes me just want to go insane and never stop partying. I mean, turn down for what?

ScottyDaB3AST 5 Nov 2013

If symptoms persist for more than 4 hours, turn down for what.

cobblehilljam 20 Sep 2015

To celebrate Evie's awesome 16th birthday - turn it up ftw 😬

Errorplane 28 Mar 2015

That link doesn't work any more - fingers crossed this does: http://www.vimeo.com/89097962   12

AlicejustMay 14 Mar 2014

I came across this through a fellow TIMJammer's share a while back and it seems to have blown up lately. It was one of the player's walk-on theme at a baseball game I went to a few weeks ago and it's been in my head ever since. The video is hilarious, too.

alexheadrick 10 Jul 2014