Hail Bop by Django Django

“The entire album is cracking, tho”

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but mrdiscoball was first  

The entire album is cracking, tho   3

moleitau 12 Sep 2012

Happy Thursday pals

jimleatherman 23 Jul 2015

My fav changes constantly on this album! A new fav band   3

Oldy86 15 Nov 2012

Working backwards through the career of Django Django. This is the stand out track from their first album (but second to me!)   1

jmmcleod 26 Aug 2015

I've wanted to jam this one pretty much since I started on this service but I kept putting it off. No time like the present.

Notintheface1 26 Aug 2015

Thinks I posted this a couple of years back but it's so good it's getting another shot. Enjoy.   1

allymac 8 Feb 2015