Nagasaki by Django Reinhardt


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hrhqkns 18 Aug 2015

Time to wind down for the night. Much love XXXX

pooblemoo 21 Nov 2013

Nuages is one of the best-known compositions by Django Reinhardt. He recorded at least thirteen versions of the song, which is a jazz standard and a mainstay of the gypsy swing repertoire. -via en.wikipedia

joefullman 17 Sep 2013

that awesome article on willie kept me thinking about this   1

ericroach 17 Dec 2012

Overcast at the end of a productive day, so tea and a crossword puzzle with Django.

Histrionica 14 May 2015

This perfectly fits the mood of the Queen Bee's court--a seemingly pleasant melody with a little underlying tension for those who steal her honey. Look out, Meeshtar!   3

Amalynai 11 Jun 2014