Jolene by Dolly Parton


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going country. brb.

the_fox 1 Nov 2011

Jolene, you can have him.

barlymor 6 Nov 2014

Girls names - Song 10. This song was released 40 years ago - still sound good to me. :-)   20

heatherrings 15 Feb 2014

Theme: Redheads The most famous redheaded woman in a song. I like to go with live versions when they are available. Here she effortlessly charms with her self-depreciating banter and changes the instrumentation just a little bit.

Mercurywaxing 11 Dec 2014

Burning locks of auburn hair *.*

dijanachl 14 Jun 2015

The definitive version. The White Stripes cover is also good.

LeifTerry 19 Jul 2015