American Pie by Don McLean

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Man, I dig those rhythm and blues. This song rules. So many LaYeRs. Feeling that older music is the only music my heart yearns to hear.........found this track to be appropriate.   5

augustina 19 Jun 2014

An oldie, but a goodie :)

peach83352 3 Feb 2012

thank you for over a year and a half of 100 jams, and more from the rest of the community! it's been a great run, thisismyjam, and you'll be missed! ♥

lilligant 26 Sep 2015

An overplayed karaoke song (that I totally love, just not for karaoke) for Monday.   8

metallicagirl 19 May 2014

I wish I had a pie for breakfast...key lime pie is my favorite but nobody makes a good one in this little town...the processed one they sell at Walmart is actually pretty good...I will get that or make my own fake one on payday #foodweek   7

Shaka 22 Jul 2014

at number 53...."I drove my Chevy to the level....."...I owned a 78 white Chevy Impala....nicknamed the fridge as the heater never worked...but I loved the old bench seats that could hold an army of died a slow death and I missed it a lot.....hope you like the jam from the great Don McLean.......   5

njparry 13 Dec 2014