Atlantis by Donovan

“"My Antediluvian Baby..."”

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"My Antediluvian Baby..."

greyjay 11 Jun 2012

Glad I've found this one.

aden_ikar 28 Dec 2013

I heard the chorus of this in a rubbish Liam Neeson film and thought 'Hello!' Proper hands in the air shizzle.

rossco 28 Feb 2015

My antediluvian baby, I love you.

Kimberly_Kelley 6 Mar 2015

As the snow in Boston begins to melt, we may suffer the same fate as Atlantis.

elkrafto 31 Mar 2015

Hail Atlantis, my antediluvian friends!   3

tomdwilly 1 Dec 2013