The Song of Wandering Aengus by Donovan

“He had some help from W.B.Yeats, though.”

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He had some help from W.B.Yeats, though.

antonywaltjarv 6 Mar 2012

Beautifully done

beckyoungman 4 Aug 2013

#ScottishWeek "D-DAY" TODAY!!! ( See 'Comments')...I dedicate this beautiful song ( from Glasgows' finest ) to our neighbours.... YES,.. THOSE who we English love to tease & wind-up but also, those who we just simply love.....The proud Scottish people on their historic day........I'm hoping that my jam could actually instil a little peace & serenity into what will almost certainly be a day where emotions run amok and tears fall like rain.....( The words to this song by Donovan are by WB Yeats)   46

debutch 17 Sep 2014