Bolt Cutter by Doomtree

“'"we don't have time" she reminds me hourly'”

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'"we don't have time" she reminds me hourly'

hanaofangel 23 May 2014

This is always my jam. Beats, rhythm, rhymes -- all on point. Bolt Cutter by @DOOMTREE

catrocketship 5 May 2014

You know, I've seen a little glory, and your trinket isn't it.

asherdashery 26 Mar 2013

Dessa. Doomtree. I could do this all day.

flocksof 13 Jan 2014

I stole @catrocketship's jam. I listened to it, then bought the album, then listened to it like 20 more times. @DOOMTREE

daniAWESOME 7 May 2014