Little Mercy by Doomtree

“Gotta get back into jammin'”

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Gotta get back into jammin'

goodfriendali 8 May 2013

If you welcome every trespass, then every tramp's a guest.

thebishopgame 15 Jan 2015

we're so hungry / we're so thirsty / I'm gonna hunt until it hurts me (and it hurts me)

likeanambulance 18 Jun 2013

we're still turning every table when it's needed / not laying there defeated, no / we draw our bows back repeatedly, then / off with the arrows / and the gods and the pharaohs / from the bottom of our hearts, we're from the bottom of the barrel

likeanambulance 2 Jul 2013

Make a little money and we buy a little mercy.

rattledbone 2 Mar 2012