Forgot About Dre (feat. Eminem) by Dr. Dre

“I forgot, but then I remembered.”

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but seanyg was first  

I forgot, but then I remembered.   1

mattsheret 13 Oct 2014

I think I'm reverting to a juvenile state... I haven't listened to Eminem since about 2001

awarburton 17 Apr 2015

I thought I was done Christmas shopping, but I forgot about Dre.

FasterthanShaun 18 Dec 2013

Never forget this one. From the classic The Chronic 2001 album comes an incredible song, with quite possibly the greatest beat in all of rap history. PS the video has a humorous interlude with Eminem, so that's pretty cool.

ftg915 7 Apr 2014

'Forgot About Dre', because it's an amazing classic apart from the nasal whiney guy's bits.

FaheemMeer 31 Jan 2015

Errybody got something 2 say

kazenzakis 21 Jan 2014