Sylvia's Mother by Dr. Hook

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love that song   3

Ulukai 12 Jan 2014

Just 4 U?

hectorroodle 9 Jul 2015

another song my dad showed me as a pup and we both turned out to have so many qualitys that were scary how much we looked alike talked, or talk alike now that im older. we were always two peas in a pod my dad was a great man and i have no clue why im telling yall this buti am so there!!!! @PeteLaberge @natyblooming @leejohnson @kemiladashdot @shirl @lynn200 @marissapicone @rest_in_peace @AlicejustMay @DiamondDog @Kelly_Ochoa   7

USMC_SemperFi 6 Oct 2013

because it's ace

cat_girl_tights 20 Feb 2013

Searching for "mother songs" and this popped up. Had it on a K-Tel best of record long time back. Happy Mother's Day!

selectorjamthis 11 May 2013

With mobiles, social networking and email I suppose this situation is a rare occurrence today. Well I hope it's not a common thing no matter the technological progress since it is a pretty depressing all the same.

JammyDodger 21 Jul 2013