Blue Flowers by Dr. Octagon

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This still doesn't sound like 1996 to me...Keith, I'll have what you are having.   1

monisaurus 28 Sep 2011

Heard this on the soundtrack for Grind Session when I was a little one, now hearing it again years later is something totally different. To think, the song I heard 10+ years ago that I thought was about some dude asking a girl out with flowers is actually about Dr. Octagon cutting some dude up, the lotus eaters, and yellow rain. Weird!   1

venom517 26 Feb 2014

yeah, i know there were a zillion remixes that were better, but this is obligatory.

jo 17 May 2014

Shakespeare's gone, don't even think about it.   2

AndyJoe83 4 Jun 2015


heathgardner 29 Jun 2012