Too Much (feat. Sampha) by Drake

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pauldfriedman 17 Mar 2014

don't think about it too much ~

jordayn 1 Mar 2014

Nice to see Sampha repping on Fallon.

struktur 24 Sep 2013

what a #gem for a busy mind

chelseajams 15 Mar 2014

Hate the fact my mom cooped up in her apartment, tellin' herself That she's too sick to get dressed up and go do shit, like that's true shit All my family from the M-Town that I've been 'round Started treatin' me like I'm "him" now Like we don't know each other, we ain't grow together, we just friends now

magnoliathunder 11 Nov 2013

2 much / 2 much / 2 much

toyaisle 17 Sep 2013