Bloodsports by Drenge

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leah 13 Nov 2013

Drenge is fucking wicked. Theres no other way to say it. Their self-titled debut has critics going crazy, its a great listen. "Drenge are insane enough. And incendiary, and intense. It's rock as we know it, reinvigorated and refreshed. In that sense, they're not very Drenge at all." - Paul Lester (The Guardian) I went and seen them in July at The Garrison, and wow, such a high energy show. They may only be 2 piece, but that show was loud! These guys are from the UK, and when I tried to get the album, I couldn't find it. It is nowhere to be found. Luckily a buddy of mine ordered the record from the UK. I love the scene @ :33 in this video, I thought the dogs were horses.

tylermartin 25 Sep 2014

After having Tame Impala in my head nonstop for a while, I now find myself unable to extract this song's main riff from my head. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I want to! I'm also really happy because I'm going to see these two in October. #grungejam   30

lukestevo26 4 Aug 2013

Change of pace? OK. DRENGE

RobertSBurton 9 Jul 2014

OK here's a cool link to my last jam with thanks to @jaxxonx for reminding me - firstly Drenge qualify for #ramjams because they are from Derbyshire. Secondly, the boys' surname is 'Loveless'. It's almost too perfect. My #ramjams will soon be at an end so keep your suggestions coming in....

purlpower 29 May 2015

Just for the dress...

VivienLeMalin 24 Mar 2015