Carl Perkins Cadillac by Drive-By Truckers

“Does not get any better when it comes to The DBT's.”

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Does not get any better when it comes to The DBT's.   1

xlewiexcorex 21 May 2014

Dammit Elvis, I swear son I think it's time you came around / Making money you can't spend ain't what being dead's about / You gave me all but one good reason not to do all the things you did / Now Cadillacs are fiberglass, if you were me you'd call it quits

BoringPostcards 27 Feb 2014

This song proves that any statement is rendered more emphatic if prefaced by, "Dammit, Elvis, don't you know?"

madmarvelgirl 22 Jun 2012

I admire this band. I admire their being honest, away from the glamour and mainstream. They just do their job.   1

leblic2 26 Apr 2015