Lord Knows by Dum Dum Girls

“Is it me or is this rather lovely?”

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Is it me or is this rather lovely?

JamesMackay 26 Sep 2012

To be so blind I could not see The savior right in front of me

mariana_bloom 12 Jun 2014

I want to live a pure life I'd say that it's about time God judge me for the things I've done To kill off the only one

katylyn010 27 Jan 2014

tomorrow can't get here soon enough

blakegli 27 Jan 2014

Someone said something about Rejam Friday. In any case I've been playing this song on loop for two days...   9

robbfritz 27 Sep 2012

Heard it, loved it, re-jammed it.   8

Loosqueal 27 Sep 2012