The Chauffeur by Duran Duran


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The closing number on 'Rio', but written four years earlier in 1978. The video was the talking point at junior school, not for the nudity but the weird dance moves betwixt two of the models.

MotherFist 17 Aug 2015

I didn't get to watch the video when I was young, but I played the hell out of this song. I didn't really understand it - just knew that Simon LeBon's voice thrilled me. Young me thought this was what sexy had to be. Older me is not inclined to disagree.

cultofheather 7 Mar 2015

This was my test video while we worked on YouTube jam support. I had to do a lot of testing.   16

flaneur 28 Nov 2011

So newly charming.   16

flaneur 19 Nov 2012

The greatest.   19

bwhitman 22 Nov 2011

heard this rad song in an equally rad movie, Laurence Anyways.

ninjalovechild 18 Oct 2014