The Killing Moon by Echo & the Bunnymen


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Fate. Up against your will, through the thick and thin.   1

RRC 6 Sep 2015

More Bunnymen, as Macca rightly said, "this is one of the best songs ever written" forever ago...   5

adrian4acn 23 Nov 2012

As all of you who indulge in my written ramblings know (yes, both of you) I am at my very core, a proggist. My formative music years, were built on a foundation of The Floyd, Tull, Crimson & Genesis, amongst others. However, at the peak of whatever powers I possess(ed) lie the Conundrum Years, or the 80s, as we all know them. If I had to select the most influential band (on me, at any rate) from that decade, those fellas who produced this quintessentially 80s number, would be at or near the top. On balance, I believe this could well be the finest pop/rock song to emerge from that decade. From the haunting keyboards, through the thrumming strings, to the self-assured, yet fragile, unmistakeable vocal of Ian McCulloch, it is nothing short of perfection. It transports me to a fine time in my life & holds particular poignancy, being the favourite song of one of my too soon, departed contemporaries. Yep, those funny old 80s. I like to think of them fondly. This does the trick, every time...   55

21schizoid 31 Mar 2015

Because @wilw got my hooked on this app, i need to stop playing my jam to tell you about... My Jam. #DontCareIfItsNotMusicMonday

kennefriggles 24 Jul 2015

Wow, does this bring back some memories. Enjoy!   14

stevekrohn 2 Aug 2014

As Jam winds down, I'm trying to pack in as much 80s goodness as poss. A track that still feels like all the hairs on the back of my neck stood up all at once. The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen

pjmaybe 25 Aug 2015