The Killing Moon by Echo & the Bunnymen


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Because @wilw got my hooked on this app, i need to stop playing my jam to tell you about... My Jam. #DontCareIfItsNotMusicMonday

kennefriggles 24 Jul 2015

Wow, does this bring back some memories. Enjoy!   14

stevekrohn 2 Aug 2014

Fate. Up against your will, through the thick and thin.   1

RRC 6 Sep 2015

amazing!!!!!   9

onelovepictures 14 Jun 2014

More Bunnymen, as Macca rightly said, "this is one of the best songs ever written" forever ago...   5

adrian4acn 23 Nov 2012

Was thinking it must be about time to re-watch Donnie Darko. The Director's Cut of course.   5

fsohail 13 Apr 2015