Fresh Feeling by Eels

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I am so very happy Mercury has ended its BRUTAL retrograde spell -- whew, what a ride THAT was! #ForwardMotion #FreshStart #HappyDaysAreHereAGAIN

walt.brown 21 Jul 2013

The lyrics really sum up how I've been feeling: You don't have a clue What it is like to be next to you I'm here to tell you That it is good, that it is true Birds singing a song, old paint is peeling This is that fresh, that fresh feeling Words can't be that strong, my heart is reeling This is that fresh, that fresh feeling

Brickston 23 Oct 2014

Eels <3

pietepiet 26 Dec 2011

'Orange sky above lighting your way, there's nothing to fear.' - Eels

PrancingTL 25 Feb 2015

Eff you, I'm in a good mood.

lafix 19 Sep 2013

try to forget what's in the past/tomorrow is here/love,orange sky above lighting your way/there's nothing to fear

monkeh 28 May 2015