Request Denied by El-P

“Loving his new album.”

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Loving his new album.

dkr 28 May 2012

Less than a week til All Tomorrow's Parties now -this is the soundtrack to the countdown...

whitakercody 4 May 2013

El-P back on top. Phoenix from the Def Jux flames, with the R.A.P. music production, and now this. Genius.

andrewmcdonough 1 Jun 2012

Back on the jam train.   2

_ben_ 29 Jan 2014

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffin glue

gregpower 14 May 2012

'I don't give a fraction of fractal of fucks' One of the year's best songs and a masterclass in song structure

CallumPetch 3 Sep 2012