Line Up by Elastica


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Some 90s nostalgia.

pipsie1975 13 Sep 2015

Yet more Britpop, I'm afraid.   1

WhoseClue 9 May 2014

It doesnt get more 1995 than an Elastica performance on The Word. Britpop - I dont think a lot of it holds up that well to be honest. Some great stuff like Pulp though and I liked Elastica a lot! Had a t-shirt of them, fancied Donna and Justine and saw them play a great set at the Feile Festival that same year....#BritpopWeek

carrotbourke 25 Apr 2014

"Drivel head knows all of the bands. Knows them like the back of her hand. You can't tell the woods from the trees on your knees"

AimeeGreen 14 May 2013