Grounds For Divorce by Elbow

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"Mondays is drinking to the seldom seem kid." You said it, brother

toolongawake 14 Apr 2015

I haven't been listening to it, but it's been in my head

lotusbloom 25 May 2015

Awesome Band. Awesome Song. Awesome Album. God Awful Beer...   4

Grayling 15 May 2012

read the phrase "grounds for divorce" in a book and it reminded me how good this song is. #elbow #groundsfordivorce

MusicMumbler 3 Mar 2015

It's been a while since I posted any Elbow. Time to fix that.   1

singaboutlove 19 Sep 2013

3 years ago! 1 attempted university course, 1 completed art course and 1st year of an Animation Degree.... And yet it still feels like last week I was there watching!

Grayling 23 Aug 2014