Newborn by Elbow

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Listening to this today and just reminded me of how f'ing brilliant it is. The template for what I love in a tune slow buildup to the big ending.

abner07 16 Jun 2014

niece #3 is about to make her grand entrance into this world :) this seemed apropos   3

juepucta 28 May 2013

I'll be the corpse in your bathtub, useless.   2

kittyocool 23 May 2013

Surely Garvey is the best songwriter of this generation? This is from the first album as still sounds as beautiful 12 years later. True Manc Gent as well.

darryl 19 Apr 2014

Amazing Middle 8

wsmithw 22 May 2012

from Asleep at the Back, still their best album   3

TomasFinneran 21 Jun 2013