American Daydream by Electric Guest

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What the beginning of 26 sounds like for me.

erindaisy 2 Apr 2013

I don't know if I like all of this song, but the line "they keep selling we don't want it" goes off in my head quite frequently when I see an ad. Any ad. I mean think about how frequent that is. I don't watch commercial TV but I still have to leave my house to go grocery shopping and I'm exposed to attempts at commercial manipulation each time.

puyo 14 Dec 2014

fueling my need for beatz atm

elsapp42 2 Oct 2012

Such a yummy summer jam- I just had to share with you kids. The rest of the album is worth a listen, too. Heard about this one from a homie at the Daily Grind. Shoutouts to this anonymous man. xx Enjoy, friends.

carolyn3r 30 May 2013

Even when I'm not making a song about robots, I'm making a song about robots.

sprezzatura 18 Feb 2015

We keep going/don't stop running/they keep selling/we don't want it

catrocketship 16 Aug 2013