Águas De Março by Elis Regina

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but simondoyle was first  

Great performance and the ending is just gorgeous.   5

d0minic 24 Nov 2012

a jam from Brasil

Microman 11 Jun 2014

I'm posting this for the song, but you really should watch the video. My heart bursts every time I watch it.

acreature 20 Jan 2015

#WorldCupjams ( 5 of 12) ; Regarded by many as the greatest Brazilian popular music singer of all time. This song is from her much acclaimed album, "Elis and Tom" ( 1974) , a collaboration with Tom Jobim, who wrote " Girl from Ipanema" A vastly popular singer in the 60s, she became increasingly political in the 70s. She was often outspoken against the Brazilian dictatorship, who dared not try to prosecute her due to her fame, although they DID manage to coerce her into singing the national anthem at a stadium once. This initially disgusted her followers but they soon forgave her, once realising she done it out of fear for her child's safety. ( Continued below...)   14

debutch 5 Jun 2014

águas de março by Elis Regina. Mmm - why not put all the notes in the right places at the right time and see how that sounds?

BrianMcGurk 1 Sep 2014

Obrigada Março! Canção Intemporal..

jocabral 26 Mar 2015